5 Steps on Producing A Short Film

Nothing beats having a platform to tell your story your way and having people respond to your message. Producing a short film is a great way to do this. Outlined below are five simple steps you can follow to produce a successful short film.

  1. Write a script: think about what you want to address in your Film; what you want your audience to remember. If your audience remembers your short, they are likely to watch the next one. Keep your script short and memorable.
  2. Raise funds: develop an estimate for everything you might need to produce your short film, and consider how you can get the money. You can use your savings from your job, ask family and friends for contributions, or set up a GoFundMe page and encourage strangers to contribute. Look for ways to save money too, maybe by using artists who are also starting, or by renting or using recording equipment that you already have.
  3. Gather recording equipment: recording equipment is part of the essentials for your short Film. If you do not already have a video camera, you can purchase good quality camcorders cheaply. You can also use your phone. Smartphone cameras have amazing quality and capabilities. Consider renting equipment too as this will save you money.
    4.Shoot and Edit: experts say it will take you at least an hour to shoot one page of a script if you do it in one location. So be prepared for a lot of work, especially if you are shooting in different sites. After shooting, it is important to edit your short of making sure your story comes out correctly. You can do this on your laptop using software that is freely available for both Mac and Windows.
  4. Post and Promote: the most common way to get an audience for your short is through YouTube. Once you post your short on your channel, it is now up to you to get viewers. Encourage your family, friends, and neighbors to watch and recommend your short to others. Promote your Film on all available social media pages. Use whatever (legal) means available to you to promote your Film so that you can get feedback and improve your craft.